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Sketched Out Life Two



Drivers these days.

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Just perfect ;;


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I need this.

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My Trader Joe’s run!
I got lots of yummy veggies and some butternut squash soup I’m really excited about. I also treated myself to a mocha yogurt and a chocolate chip peanut butter Lara bar. Yum. I still need to get Greek yogurt and some other goodies later today at Whole Foods


These potatoes from Trader Joes were expensive for typical bagged veggies, but they were so dang worth it! They had so much flavor! If you have taste buds, this is totally a 20/10.


If anyone is curious what I buy at the grocery store…

From left to right:

-Snow peas
-Broccoli slaw
-Egg whites
-3 dozen eggs (time for a new egg thing this weekend or I’d just buy one probably)
-Green beans
-Frozen spinach
-Half a pound of nutritional yeast I LOVE IT
-Spicy peanut dressing
-Chicken breasts
-Ground turkey
-Greek yogurt (they DON’T make full fat in these quantities and I am filled with such rage because if I want ff it’s like twice as expensive)
-And spinach and cheese stuffed flank steak roll things?? I have never seen these at TJ’s before and I’m super excited

Wheee all the vegetables 4 meeeee


Trader Joes in Whittier.

That’s like…20$ worth of wine.